Using augmented reality to enhance, advance, and grow the field of astronomy
Red Dot Design Concept Award winner 2018
Using augmented reality to enhance, advance and grow the field of astronomy.
The ZNTH scope eliminates complex looking scopes, dials and switches for a clean user experience.​​​​​​​
Rough notebook and digital sketches to explore form
Antique telescopes were looked at as a point of inspiration. The idea that configuration of the product should be recognisable and approachable as a telescope. By compartmentalising all the relevant parts of the proposed telescope, the design-led approach meant that features could be streamlined and integrated in a way that hadn’t been seen before.
The telescope can be operated without the use of the full length tripod using an alt-azimuth mount. This can be moved manually or automatically through a mechanised motor to follow a celestial object throughout the sky. The user is able to decide whether they have a manual or augmented stargazing experience.  
Special edition colourways of Znth.
Larger aperture Schmidt Cassegrain tubes offer the chance to look further out into our atmosphere as the user interest and skill level increases over time. Closer celestial objects such as the moons within our solar systems, a small aperture tube is used. The further out the body - such as star cluster and nebulae will require larger tubes - which the ZNTH allows for. The ZNTH telescope also allows for a range of mounts, meaning that the star gazing can happen indoors as well as embracing the true craft under the night sky. 
The ZNTH scope eliminates complex looking scopes, dials and switches for a clean user experience. A finder scope is seamlessly integrated to locate a desired astronomical object - aligned along the main telescopes line of sight. All scopes are lined with VANTABLACK ® to block out any ambient light from entering field of view - to ensure as clean an image as possible. AR level (artificial brightening of celestial objects and head up display) can be changed as easily as adjusting focus - to give user control over having as pure star gazing experience as desired.
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